Need More Space? Outsource All Of Your Back-File Scanning!

AMI deploys state-of-the-art hardware for ALL client document imaging requirements:

  • Standard paper scanning
  • Forms scanning (any size)
  • Large format (maps/plans) scanning
  • Book scanning
  • 100-600dpi capability
  • Full OCR offered
  • Ultra-modern security production facility

We have the ability to output digital images to any format you (or your IT staff) require, onto many types of deliverable media (i.e., CD, DVD, Hard Drive) or even secure electronic transfer [FTP], if required.

More Than Just Scanning

AMI's imaging services can also provide organization and storage of all documents in customized user-defined applications. AMI's large staff of seasoned data-entry operators both in-house and in off-shore facilities (which are SAS70-HIPAA compliant), utilize the true double-blind data-entry technique, which consistently offers in excess of 99.9% indexing accuracy.

  • Instant file access
  • High volume of retrieval
  • Improved procedural productivity
  • Multiple document searches
  • Shared document access
  • Substantially decreased storage costs
  • Increased security

As an option, AMI offers hosting solutions that allow images from documents to be intelligently and securely viewed, retrieved, tracked, annotated, stored, and archived in a single repository. Also used for Disaster Recovery.

File types requiring instant access and simple distribution are candidates for Document Imaging, such as:

  • Accounts Payables (A/P)
  • Accounts Receivables(A/R)
  • Human Resources (H/R) / Personnel Records
  • Logistics / Distribution

Do you find the "Paperless" movement confusing? Unsure how it affects your business? Think the risk may be higher than the return? Have received conflicting information and/or quotes from other vendors and don't know who to trust? These are just a few of the situations we find our customers in when they call upon AMI. 40 years in business in and of itself, provides an inherent comfort level; we know what we're talking about. Our primary concern is to help you in your paperless efforts; not tell you what to do, but provide you clear and concise information and then you let you make the decision for what is best for your company.

Project Management

OK - you've gotten all of the information, made the best business decision for your situation and have started the process… now what? AMI believes that a partnership doesn't end after you've signed the contract - it's actually just begun. Proper management of your project before, during, and especially after sale is essential to a successful implementation. We know this and we'll stay with you every step of the way until you are comfortable and experiencing all of the benefits of your chosen paperless plan.

IT Support

Does you project include Hardware? Software? Whether it is installation, training, service or just being there to answer a question, our certified IT Staff is available to you to provide you guidance and service for all elements of your implementation. We extend our service to all of our customers for as long as it is needed. So well known are we for our outstanding service that many of our customers come to us for service and technology support after they've implemented their project with another vendor!